We are a shopper-focused brand activation agency.

Combining our strategic intelligence and creative genius, we develop smart solutions that achieve success for brands at retail, digitally, experientially and beyond.

who we are

omni-channel intelligent

It's an omni-channel planet making the shopper journey more complicated than ever before.

The journey needs to start with hmt's strategic brand integration mindset. We marry the right technology with the right partners to connect with consumers throughout their journey.

Our creative solutions intercept shoppers at the critical points of influence with the right messaging to convert them to buyers.

retail savvy

Saying we know retail is like saying LeBron James knows basketball. It's in our DNA. We have an intimate understanding of the entire retail landscape with an extensive retailer knowledge base.

We know what's important to them, how they work and more importantly, we get things done. Like shooting a layup.

total market activation

Achieving total market activation extends far beyond the top 10 retailers. Sure, you better know them well, and we do.

In addition to top retailers, we have a deep understanding of regional and local customers. Putting this into your plan can account for as much as 40% of the market that others often overlook or ignore completely. Quite simply, lost opportunity.

We've developed a proprietary platform to drive this 40% efficiently and effectively. Our track record shows results of activating a single brand initiative in 60+ retailers, delivering an impressive 4.5:1 return.

our capabilities

Whether your need is consumer, shopper, corporate hospitality or experiential, we know the craft of integrating key insights to deliver solutions that are strategically sound and flawlessly executed with transformational results.

our clients

Barefoot Wine
EJ Gallo Winery
Laughing Cow
Sour Patch Kids
Back to Nature

our work

Raley's Triscuit and
The Laughing Cow
Mondelēz International
One Direction Tour
Jeep Red Rocks
Meijer Kraft Cheese
Cooler Display
Circle of Champions
Huddle to Fight Hunger


Increase sales and added shopper value at Raley's through the development of a strategic shopper marketing solution specific to the customer's "better for you" initiatives.


Shoppers are looking to brands and retailers for easy, tasty, "better for you" snacks for their everyday needs and entertaining.


Leverage Triscuit's partnership with The Laughing Cow Cheese to deliver "better for you" snacking solutions to Raley's shoppers, inspiring them to savor every delicious moment.


We developed an integrated omni-channel shopper marketing plan for Raley's to engage targeted shoppers at multiple touchpoints along their path to purchase.


Outstanding overall sales and share performance along with strengthened shopper engagement.

Raley's Objective
Raley's Insight
Raley's Strategy
Raley's Activation
Raley's Results


Create a multi-dimensional activation plan that maximized the equity of the world's hottest band among consumers, shoppers and retail customers.


By partnering with this enormously popular band, Mondelēz could gain the assets needed to make moms and dads heroes across the country - courtesy of their favorite brands and supporting retailers.


Capitalize on Mondelēz's sponsorship of the sold out tour nationally, regionally and locally and maximize brand engagement in and out of store - from customer sell in to the final tour stop.

Shopper Marketing

Created breakthrough programming, from custom sell-in kits to gain customer support to retailer-specific shopper marketing programs.

Experiential & Hospitality

We elevated the meet & greet and sound check experience for Mondelēz guests at 35+ concerts.


Best-in-class brand activation with 45 retailer-specific promotions drove outstanding sales and share gains as well as an invaluable return on customer relationships.

1D Objective
1D Insight
1D Strategy
1D Shopper Marketing Activation
1D Experiential & Hospitality Activation
1D Experiential & Hospitality Activation


Create a market-wide promotion to generate awareness and drive consumers to dealerships to test drive the newly redesigned 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee.


Target consumer is independent, tech savvy women, age 35-54, who enjoy concerts and other social events in the area.


Leverage National Jeep Celebration Month media and local sponsorship assets to create a promotion to incent test drives among target consumers and dealerships.


One special night in Denver, Jeep took over Red Rocks Amphitheater and hosted an exclusive Counting Crows concert as the promotional payoff event.

On-site brand activation was extensive throughout the venue, from parking lot to on stage!


Exceeded expectations on dealership traffic & test drives and sold out Red Rocks Venue.

Jeep Objective
Jeep Insight
Jeep Strategy
Jeep Activation
Jeep Results


Preserve Kraft's cheese/dairy display in Meijer; address lagging sales and shopper relevance.


Moms look for easy solutions while shopping, but often lose interest as the items needed are scattered throughout the store and nothing breaks through the clutter.


Create a newly themed one-stop destination that merchandises simple meal solutions with expanded Kraft product offerings as well as a fresh approach that engages shoppers.


Created a new "Delicious and Easy" cooler destination that delivered on-trend recipes and content to shoppers via on-cooler digital touchpad, with content changed out monthly.


Following successful test results, Meijer increased the number of stores with Kraft coolers by 71%.

Meijer Objective
Meijer Insight
Meijer Strategy
Meijer Shopper Marketing Activation
Meijer Experiential & Hospitality Activation


Elevate the reward experience for high achievers who earned inclusion into Mondelēz International's elite Circle of Champions annual sales incentive.


Understanding what's most important to our champions is key to creating a once-in-a-lifetime event worthy of their extraordinary achievement.


Create an itinerary at a "bucket list" destination that allows for group celebration, individual recognition and relaxation time.


From ideation to execution, the event was peppered with hmt "human touches" that engaged, surprised and delighted winners - both throughout the year of the contest and at the event itself.


Exceptional guest engagement with an almost perfect overall experiential rating (4.8/5).

Mondelez Objective
Mondelez Insight
Mondelez Strategy
Mondelez Activation


Develop an integrated activation program to generate awareness and donations to support Kraft's Feeding America partnership on behalf of its large portfolio of participating brands.


Consumers, shoppers and retailers feel good about supporting community focused philanthropic causes and the brands that support them. Kraft's NCAA Football Bowl Game sponsorship provided the perfect platform to advance its fight hunger initiative.


Develop Huddle to Fight Hunger-themed program assets to support multilevel engagement and activation in and out of store, as well as the Fight Hunger Bowl, itself.

National In-Store

Created multi-tiered, themed national displays and POS vehicles that provided flexibility in aligning with retailers' fall football initiatives. This in turn garnered outstanding in-store executional support.

Shopper Marketing

Developed customized retailer- specific shopper programs for Kraft's strategic customers as well as a full menu of options for regional and local customers.


Our week long activities leading up to the Fight Hunger Bowl game included: food bank visits, receptions and parties, celebrity appearances and senior management meetings.

Game Day

On site/at stadium activities included: high-profile pep rallies featuring brand ambassadors and samples and exclusive VIP receptions, all culminating with Kraft's check presentation to Feeding America on the field.


60+ activations, 50k stores

21 MILLION meals donated to Feeding America

Winner of 9 Industry Awards including Pro Awards: Best Retail Campaign & Multidiscipline Campaign, Hub Award: Bronze in Shopper Marketing category

1D Objective
1D Insight
1D Strategy
1D Experiential & Hospitality Activation
1D Shopper Marketing Activation
1D Experiential & Hospitality Activation
1D Experiential & Hospitality Activation
1D Experiential & Hospitality Activation

our leadership

Patti Conti Patti Conti
Rick Einhaus Rick Einhaus
Lisa Norat Lisa Norat
Sharon Brown Sharon Brown
Becky Metz Becky Metz
Patti Conti

We have an incredibly talented and dedicated staff that have earned the title of "indispensable partner" with our clients. This is fueled by a passion for excellence with a group that just loves what they do.

Insights are our roadmap to collaboration that fosters ideation, leads to innovation and increases consumer engagement.

Rick Einhaus
Lisa Norat

Our focus has always been and will continue to be steeped in strategies that have the power to transcend ROI and deliver value in everything we do.

We focus on delivering strategically grounded big ideas that are not only executable, but produce measurable and meaningful results.

Otherwise, it's just another creative idea that sits on someone's desk.

Sharon Brown
Becky Metz

We create processes that avert bottlenecks, and maximize efficiency with a commitment to continual staff training to ensure excellence.

The Results? An outstanding talent pool that's poised and ready for the next challenge.

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